Price list

OK So how much to get your pride and joy up and running with a custom made wiring harness ?

The wiring harness is only part of the electrical system, please ensure all other electrical parts are working and ready for wiring.

Note all prices are for wiring only, (wire, sleeving and basic connectors).

Below is a guide price list. If you're not sure of the spec of your bike just contact me and I will help you work it out.

Please read the conditions and exclusions below the price list as they may affect the price.

From experience, we have found everyone has their own idea of what a "Basic Harness" is, so to clarify the situation, our definition is the top row of the table below. To get your price, start with this, then add the other parts you need wiring as required.

Trade and club discount as follows :- In any rolling 12 months, first 3 jobs 10%, jobs 4,5 & 6 20%, 7 or more jobs 25%.




Tourers, for example Harley Electraglides and Honda Goldwings require special pricing, please contact us for this.

All harnesses will be constructed using our own colour scheme and our preferred connector types.

Unless specifically requested we hard-connect (solder together) the majority of wires. If you would like all or part of your electrical system dis-connectable, this will need to be specified at the the time of quoting.

We can supply and fit multi-pin open connectors, Japanese style bullet connectors, waterproof connectors and bike specific connectors such as Deutsch.

As a rule, we always make items such as Ignition modules replaceable by using standard connectors.

If you want standard colour wires and/or manufacturer's standard connectors, please let us know when asking for a quote.

If you want your harness run inside frame tubes or handlebars, slots need to be pre-drilled and properly de-burred. We can do this for you if required. Price depends on number of slots required, build state and type of paint. Best done before painting.

The make, model and year of engine and/or frame must be known, if unknown we will need to charge for the time taken to find out.

Any after-market parts supplied must be supplied with installation documents or research time will be charged.

Please clean & degrease your bike/trike before we work on it, dirt, oil and electrics don't go together.

We will fit and test harnesses made by others provided they are supplied with documentation and professionally made.

All prices are for wiring only.  If we have to dismantle or re-assemble any parts of the bike to achieve this, standard workshop time will be charged. All repairs to any parts of the electrical system will be charged separately.